Captain Green prides itself on partnering with only the best manufacturers of solar energy products. From solar panel installations through to choosing the right inverter, we believe in delivering quality. One of those companies we know Aussies can rely on is Fronius Solar.

Fronius is one of many companies leading the charge towards a world powered by renewable energy. With a rich history, this family-owned global business provides us with some of our most preferred solar inverters.

Let’s take a deeper look into Fronius solar and what they’re all about.

Who is Fronius Solar?

Fronius is a global company founded in Austria, and it actually has three major business operations. They have invested heavily in the three pillars of battery charging technology, welding technology, and of course, solar energy. The company is proud of its Austrian roots, and its history dates back over 75 years.

Despite evolving into a global technology and quality leader, Fronius Solar remains a family-run business, and they have built a strong culture around a solid set of values.

In terms of the company’s solar operations, they’ve been involved in solar energy since 1992, when the first Fronius inverter – the Fronius Sunrise – was developed.

A global network

The company may have their roots firmly placed in Austria, however that hasn’t stopped them from expanding operations to other parts of the world. In fact, the Fronius company now has national offices in over 30 countries. If that’s not impressive enough, they have also established sales and service partners in over 60 countries.

With solar energy becoming so popular all over the world, Fronius Solar’s expansion is a testament to the value they bring to the industry.

The 24 Hours of Sun vision

Fronius firmly believes in a future without fossil fuels. With the technology already available to make it happen, Fronius is working towards a world that uses 100% renewable energy. This is why they work hard on the development of products in solar energy production, battery storage and energy distribution for renewables.

Fronius wants to see a world where homes and businesses are powered by solar. Heating and air conditioning powered by solar. Even electric vehicles charged with solar power. The vision is bold, but it’s something they’re committed to making a contribution to.

Quality control and testing

Fronius is very confident in backing up their claims of offering the highest quality products, and they do this through rigorous testing processes. From their base in Upper Austria, Fronius tests all of their products under extreme conditions. In fact, their testing goes beyond the prescribed standards, and Fronius boasts that their devices only go into series production after it’s been proven they can withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, ice, salt, dust and dirt without damage.

Notable achievements

1992: Fronius Solar is founded.

1995: The first photovoltaic inverter is released – the Fronius Sunrise.

2001 – 2007: Fronius IG inverters produced and sold.

2014: Bringing new technology to the world, with the Fronius SnapINverter.

2018: Fronius SolHub is developed, being the first in-house hydrogen refuelling system.

2020: The next generation of Inverters is released – the GEN24 Plus.

Fronius Solar accolades

There has been no shortage of accolades bestowed upon Fronius since they started dipping their toes into the solar industry.

  • 2007: The Austrian National Environmental and Energy Technology Award
  • 2007: Austrian Climate Protection Award (“Ideas and Innovation” category)
  • 2008: Energy Globe Austria (Hydrogen powered Logistic Systems)
  • 2008: World Energy Globe Award (Hydrogen powered Logistic Systems)
  • 2013: Plus X Award (Galvo & Symo – Product of the Year)
  • 2014: Smart Grid Pioneer Award (morePV2grid project)
  • 2015: Plus X Award (Symo Hybrid – Product of the Year)
  • 2016: MTB Gold Medal Award (Energy Package)
  • 2020: Intersolar Award (Symo GEN24 Plus)
  • 2020: Awarded a Paper of Excellence by Dun & Bradstreet, also a risk factor of 1. This means they can boast the highest security factor.

Worldwide ranking

While there is no official worldwide ranking for inverters like there is for solar panel manufacturers, Fronius always ranks high in any list.

According to Clean Energy Reviews, the Fronius Primo range of inverters is number 1 on the list of best solar inverters for 2021, ranking well for both warranty and value for money. The active fan-forced cooling is always a big winner when judging solar inverters.

Which Fronius Solar products does Captain Green supply?

Fronius has delivered many great products over the years, and we’re happy to partner with them for our inverter range. The company has been established in Australia since 2010, so they have a long history of providing quality solar inverters to Aussie households.

Fronius Primo Single Phase Inverter

We’re very proud to offer the Fronius Single Phase Inverter to our residential solar customers. We know how seriously Fronius takes quality, reliability and innovation, which is why we choose to offer this inverter with our solar packages.

The Single Phase Inverter from Fronius is manufactured in Austria, and features a 98% efficiency. You also get a 5-year standard warranty and 5-year parts warranty. The Primo Single Phase Inverter also comes with Wi-Fi production monitoring, meaning you can keep up to date with how your system is performing without going to check the unit.

For customers looking for a little extra, Three Phase Symo options are also available.

Why we love Fronius Solar products

At Captain Green, we love value for money. However, value for money doesn’t always mean cheapest. Often, cheap and nasty solar products just end up with problems, and they don’t represent a good investment. Remember, solar panels and solar systems are an investment, not just for your family but for the planet. So, we’re pretty big on reliability, and that’s what we get with Fronius Solar inverters.

Aussie conditions can be harsh, and while Fronius inverters aren’t manufactured here, they are thoroughly tested under the most extreme conditions. That’s how we know they can stand up to Aussie conditions. In short, Fronius inverters aren’t the cheapest product on the market, but thanks to their innovative technology and durability, they definitely represent great value for money. For our customers, that’s what we strive for.