A feed in tariff is a monetary value or price that the electricity provider pays you for excess electricity that your solar power system feeds back into the grid. The electricity retailers or company will also buy your solar electricity for a price which differs from state to state. You can always negotiate a feed-in tariff price with various electricity retailers on the market.

Feed in tariffs in Australia have changed over the past few years. Each electricity retailer is offering a different rate. The rates vary between 8-12 c/per kWh on average.

Captain Green recommends you do contact the energy retailer directly to find the best deal available to you, to receive the best possible value from your solar.

Maximum export capacity depends on your Electricity Phase, generally this 5 kW for a single phase supply and 15 kW for a three phase supply with residential properties.

To make your solar investment worthwhile, Captain Green recommends all their customers to carry out their electricity usage tasks during the day, when sunlight is at its peak, as this will minimise the need to export from the grid.

To compare electricity retailers Feed In Tariffs (FIT), you can refer to WATTever.com. It is an individual company that compares FIT across all electricity retailers in Australia.