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Do I still need electricity from the Grid?2019-10-18T11:39:25+11:00

Your solar system may not always collect sufficient electricity to cover your daily power needs therefore you can still import electricity from the Grid. Your power consumption and the size of the unit will affect how much electricity is generated however on days when there is too little sunlight and during the night your system will automatically switch to the Grid.

If I go solar, would I get value for money spent?2019-10-18T11:39:09+11:00

Australia is world renowned for its sunny climate however we do not always best use our abundance of sunlight. Sunlight is a natural clean energy resource and once you pay the initial investment for the solar system to be installed all the electricity you collect is completely free. Your solar system lifespan is over 25 years so it is a long term savings of your household running costs over this time.

Where do the panels get installed?2019-10-18T11:38:55+11:00

The optimal space to install your panels is a north or north/west facing roof, however if this is not possible, we can likewise establish the solar panels on your shed, verandah, pergola and other residential areas.

Can you install on a flat roof?2019-10-18T11:38:39+11:00

Tilt mounting systems can be installed to adequately slant your solar panels so that they can still collect the maximum energy from the sun.

How will I use the electricity collected from my solar system?2019-10-18T11:38:25+11:00

The electricity collected from the solar system panel is converted from direct current (DC) to 240V alternating current (AC) through the inverter. Once it has been converted into AC it is then fed back into your house or into the electricity grid. The credits you receive from your power will depend on your state’s FIT (Feed in Tariff).

Will a solar system cover all my electricity needs?2019-10-18T11:37:42+11:00

Factors such as the size of the system, direction of your roof, types of appliances and household consumption will all influence the electricity requirements. Our qualified installers can design and install a system that best suits your needs so that you can attain the best result from your system.

Will a solar system work during the night?2019-10-18T11:37:26+11:00

The solar system only generates electricity through the collection of sunlight. Therefore, at night no solar panel system is able to generate solar electricity so the household will obtain power directly from the grid. However during the day the collected electricity is still fed back into the grid.

What happens on cloudy days?2019-10-18T11:37:11+11:00

On sunny days your solar system will obtain the best possible electricity generated, however on cloudy days the panels will not generate the same amount. You can expect the panels to collect around half the output that would be achieved on a sunny day. If the electricity for a cloudy day is not sufficient enough to cover the household requirements, the system will use power directly from the grid.

What happens during electricity black out?2019-10-18T11:36:56+11:00

During an electricity black out all solar systems will automatically switch off and re-connect once electricity has been restored to avoid any safety issues that may occur for the electricians repairing the line.

Does the system include warranty?2019-10-18T11:36:40+11:00

Our panels and inverters are sourced from the world’s most reputable solar manufacturers. All our panels come with a 25 year performance guarantee to resist water, salt and pollution corrosion along with weather extremes such as hail and storms. Our inverters are designed to the highest standards and each are encased in weatherproof housing, backed by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty that can be extended to 10 years at an additional cost.

Can I add more panels to my solar system in the future?2019-10-18T11:36:24+11:00

A number of our systems are upgradeable; however this all depends on the inverter size.

How do I know what size is right for my electricity consumption?2019-10-18T11:36:06+11:00

The size of your solar energy system will depend on; the physical unshaded area available for the installation of panels; how much you are prepared to spend; and what portion of your electrical consumption you wish to generate. To help determine what size system will give you the best output to meet your electricity requirements of your house please contact one of our solar specialist on 1300 361 682, sales@captaingreen.com.au or click here to enquire online.

What is a typical household’s electricity consumption?2019-10-18T11:35:51+11:00

A typical Australian house consumes around 18-24 kilowatt hours (kWh) per day so a 1-3kW system displaces an average of 25-40% of your average electricity bill. Solar system panels produce more electricity in summer than they do in winter.

Will I need to change over my meter?2019-10-18T11:35:33+11:00

Once your solar power system is installed you will require a new meter. If you have an older style accumulation meter (with spinning disk) this will need to be replaced with an interval meter or smart meter. This is because an accumulation meter does not record the electricity you export to the grid or the electricity you import from the grid. An interval meter or a smart meter provides half hourly readings of the electricity you consume and the surplus electricity you generate. The new meters are provided by your electricity distribution provider at an additional cost.

What happens after installation of my solar energy system?2019-10-18T11:35:15+11:00

After your solar energy system has been installed and if you would like to receive your relevant Feed in Tariff, you will need to enter into a contract with your electricity provider to access your state’s Feed in Tariff. This will also include the installation of a smart meter if not already installed. We hope to make your switch to solar easy and affordable.

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