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We are an experienced team of solar experts with vast knowledge and experience in designing and installing solar power systems for Australian homes and businesses. We supply and install tailor made PV Solar systems nation wide. Please check Terms & Conditions July 2018

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Captain Green Pty Ltd

You can pay with a credit card through Westpac’s Payway services which is faster and secure . This is a secure and simple online based payment method .  To make  your invoice payment  simply follow the link below and enter your invoice number along with the pertinent information. We accept MasterCard® and Visa. All currencies in AUD.

2% surcharge for and Visa and MasterCard .

AMEX & JCB not accepted.

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EFT/Bank Transfer

Please do not forget to mention your invoice number when you transfer money into Captain Green’s account.

Bank Name: Westpac
A/c Name: Captain Green Pty Ltd
BSB: 032 070
Ac No: 467710

Cheque/Money Order

Post your cheque or money order with your payment slip  to the address shown below:

Captain Green Pty Ltd
Unit 4/5-7 Malta St
Fairfield East, NSW 2165

Alternatively you can provide the Cheque or Money order to our accredited installer on the day of installation

Refund Policy

  • You may cancel the Contract if the System is not installed at the address shown in the Offer within 6 months from the expiration of the “estimated timeframe for installation”, which is 6 weeks after the deposit has been paid or order confirmation form signed. Subject to the other provisions of this Contract, if you cancel the Contract in these circumstances, we will refund you the amount you have paid towards the Amount Payable as at the date of cancellation.
  • If you are advised either during the pre-installation site inspection (if one is conducted) or with a pre-installation company inspection or on the day of installation (if no pre-installation site inspection is conducted) that additional fees and charges are necessary to install your System you may cancel the Contract. In the event of a cancellation, the initial deposit will become non-refundable (GST Inclusive). Captain Green will refund you the Purchase Price minus the initial deposit (equivalent to 10% of the Purchase Price). You cannot cancel the Contract under this clause 7.3 on the day of installation if you were advised during the pre-installation site inspection or pre-installation technical phone consultation, that additional fees and charges are necessary to install your System.
  • If we believe the installation of your System is unsafe or is unsuitable for your premises, we may cancel the Contract and we will refund you the amount you have paid towards the Amount Payable as at the date of cancellation in order for the cancellation to take effect.

  • If you chose to cancel the Contract (in the circumstances permitted by the preceding paragraphs), you must notify us (or our agent, contractor or employee) of your decision to cancel the Contract, by telephone or by signing our cancellation form, or by notifying us through email before that System has been installed in order for the cancellation to take effect.

  • If you elect to cancel the contract after the 10 day cooling off period, Captain Green Solar will be entitled to withhold the full deposit amount unconditionally as well as proceed to install the system and claim the amount owing, unless stated in our terms and conditions.
  • Refunds can be made to via Bank Transfer, Reversal of Transaction or Cheque

What Our Recent Customers Have to Say!

  • Best company for your solar Installation. A to Z complete solution.. Highly recommended.. Easy and Wonderful customer service.. Happy customer..!

    Charanga Ariyathilaka Avatar
    Charanga Ariyathilaka
    24 Feb 2021

    Great Service, highly recommend Captain Green Solar.

    Bilal elkawam Avatar
    Bilal elkawam
    22 Dec 2020

    Only recently Installed November 2020. Good competitive price & professional job by Captain Green Solar recently. Great quality system and... read more

    Mick Avatar
    20 Dec 2020
  • We had been looking for solar for few months spoke to my brother told me he used captain green, They... read more

    Mitchell Woodward Avatar
    Mitchell Woodward
    17 Dec 2020

    We got the installation completed in Nov 2020. Throughout the process they've been very professional on the multiple interactions, provisions... read more

    J M Avatar
    J M
    15 Dec 2020

    Great service & communication. Installers were very respectful, very professional and very helpful. Had no issues and will definitely be... read more

    Anthony Roumanous Avatar
    Anthony Roumanous
    14 Dec 2020
  • From start to finish Captain Green Solar has been a pleasure to deal with.

    Christian Haeusler Avatar
    Christian Haeusler
    14 Dec 2020

    Have now used twice; once in Sydney metropolitan area and once in Coffs Harbour area. Have also recommended to a... read more

    Russel Skilleter Avatar
    Russel Skilleter
    14 Dec 2020

    Captain Green were professional and efficient from start to finish. Top class product package and service for a great price.... read more

    Igor Gjorgievski Avatar
    Igor Gjorgievski
    24 Nov 2020