Tesla continues to accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energy by aiding in th e worldwide commitment to combat climate change by helping you produce your own clean energy. The Tesla Powerwall is the latest in the Tesla Masterplan in making renewable energy more accessible on a global scale. As Australia retains its spot at the forefront of renewable energy use, the Telsa Powerwall complements the nationwide focus of switching to solar energy, away from more expensive and non-environmentally friendly power sources. Australia has the potential to be a fully renewable energy nation by 2040, and with the advent of battery backup technology such as the Tesla Powerwall, we at Captain Green are for you to make the leap to a safer and more financially sustainable power system.

Founded in 2003, Tesla (formerly Tesla Motors Inc.) first embarked on focusing on the merits of electric cars and creating affordable mass electric vehicles. With the Roadster electric car prototype released in 2006, it was time to move onto the next masterplan – solar energy.

Acquiring the largest maker of solar panels in the United States, SolarCity in 2016, the aim for Tesla to create a smoothly integrated solar roof with battery products that would empower the individual as their own source of power began. One of the beliefs that underpin the Tesla idealogy is that consumers do not have to trade their comfort to make these decisions but instead are an economical choice which in the long term are better for all financially and environmentally.

With almost one in four homes in Australia utilising solar panels today, we are seeing a transference to renewable energy nationwide. Indeed once the infrastructure is set up, homeowners only benefit from lower electricity bills, increased resale value of their home, and knowledge that they are doing their part in helping the environment. Add to this the state government incentives for installing solar panels to homes and, now government financial assistance for batteries to store power, it seems like a no-brainer for Australians to begin transferring to solar energy.

We have seen the incredible positive results of the Tesla Powerwall in places such as South Australia who is leading the pack with solar power as it was an ideal place to integrate solar energy given the unreliable power grid. As a demonstration location for renewable energy following statewide blackouts in 2016 and 2017, Tesla put in a bid to establish a Virtual Power Plant that gave ownership of their batteries to the government. South Australia became home to the Hornsdale Power Reserve, the worlds biggest network connected battery made by Tesla. The overall aim being that South Australia would be able to harvest its wind and solar power and support the transition to 100% renewable energy in the 2030s.

Since the plan has been installed and homes have begun to utilise the Tesla Powerwall, the results for homeowners have been astonishing with electricity bills plummeting. Homeowners, who were now in control of their own electricity, were protected against power outages from storms and high demand seasons such as summer when the electricity grid struggles to cope with the increased demand of power resulting from appliances like air conditioners being relied upon more.

Entry into the energy storage market is happening all over Australia as the possibility of being a fully renewable nation is gaining traction. The Tesla Powerwall uses cutting edge technology to store power from your solar panels with a residual amount of 8-12 hours of whole-house backup power. Reliability coupled with lower bills and emissions results in a more economically and environmentally viable option for homeowners. As a Tesla Powerwall certified installer Captain Green can help you reduce your bills in the long term and be your own source of power.