Wondering “how much do solar panels cost in Australia?” You’re not alone. As electricity rates across the nation continue to soar, more Australian’s are looking into the costs of purchasing solar panels for their properties.

It’s not hard to see why so many people are thinking about moving to solar. Between being entirely power independent, the savings on electricity bills and the environmental factors of relying on a renewable energy source; installing solar panels is a considerable investment for the future of your property. The increasingly growing popularity of solar technology also means that the once extremely high investment is now more affordable than ever before.

So, How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Australia? 

As one of Australia’s leading providers of solar panels in Australia, Captain Green Solar are here to break down the costs of solar panels across the nation. While we’d love to give you an affirmed dollar amount to answer, “how much do solar panels cost?”, Australian solar panel prices are often influenced by a number of factors, and ultimately, come down to the type of solar panels that you choose for your property.

What we can give you, however, is a breakdown of the prices, depending on these various factors. This way, you should be able to work out how much do solar panels cost, depending on your individual circumstances. If you’re short on time, feel free to skip straight to our solar system calculator, where you can put in your details and have your solar savings estimated for you on the spot.

How Much Does Solar Cost in 2021?

Before we get to factors that determine solar panel prices Australia, we think it’s important to note that solar panel costs have reduced significantly in recent years. The prices involved in purchasing solar panels are much more affordable than they were ten years ago. This is likely due to the sheer value that residents and commercial properties are being provided with when purchasing solar panels – the growing popularity in going solar is only increasing as more people understand the benefits of solar power.

With this increase in popularity, comes an improvement in both the reliability and efficiency of solar panel technology in Australia. Today, solar panels are one of the best investments that you can make for your property.

Without further ado, here are the primary factors the determine solar panel prices in Australia:

Factors That Determine Solar Panel Prices Australia

What Influences Solar Panel Costs Infographic

Asking “how much do solar panels cost?” is a lot is like asking “how much does a car cost?”. It’s really tough to provide a direct answer with a single amount, without taking into account various elements. Similarly to how there are a variety of factors that go into determining the costs of a car (make, model, features etc.), there is a myriad of components that work together to determine how much do solar panels cost in Australia. We’ve broken down the main ones including the solar panels themselves, the size of solar panel system and the type of solar panel technology that you plan on installing.

Solar Panel Technologies

A common misconception with solar is that people think that the number of solar panels is one of the biggest determining factors. In reality, it’s the type of solar panel that you choose; not necessarily how many are required. The electricity output of your solar panel system will not be determined by how many panels you need; moreover, it’s about the overall capacity of the system. For example, your solar panel system may have 20 x 250W panels, or 25 x 200W panels – either way, you end up with a 5KW solar system.

In saying that, it’s the quality of these panels that determine the energy output. One of the biggest determining factors for the question of “how much does solar cost?” is the solar panels themselves. Another important element to keep in mind when considering solar panel prices Australia is that properties may require additional solar technology such as inverters and solar batteries.

When comparing solar panel prices Australia and the output from each type of panel, three of the major technologies include Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline and Thin Film solar panels.

At Captain Green, we only supply the highest quality, most efficient panels and solar technology on the market. We generally work with Monocrystalline, which is not typically the cheapest type of solar panel; however, it is the most efficient and highest watt solution. We work with several high quality Australian solar panel brands to deliver the most efficient, effective and exceptional solar panel installation. Some of the solar power brands that we operate with include Jinko, Q Cells, LG Solar and Aleo.

The Size of Solar System

The solar system size that you require for your property will also be one of the main determining factors for how much do solar panels cost. You can work out the solar panel system size that your property requires by looking at your latest energy bills. Essentially, you need to have an understanding of the amount of energy you plan on generating to determine which solar panels and how much will solar panels cost for your property.

The capacity of the solar panel in Watts will be a direct cost determining factor, as solar panels and solar packages are generally priced depending on the output per watt. The Watts of each solar panel relates to the amount of electricity generated in normal conditions. For example, a 10W panel installed and operating in ideal conditions will generate ten watt-hours of electricity each hour. Multiple 10W panels can be used to generate higher wattage per hour, creating a solar panel system.

How much does solar cost for a typical household? On average, a typical residential property uses approximately 20kWh of energy a day. A 5kW solar system would typically meet the daytime power requirements of such a home. However, the right solar system size will come down to how much power you plan on generating and the unique needs of your property.

Average Solar Panel Prices Infographic

At Captain Green, we offer a range of solar panel system sizes, starting from the 3KW, ranging up to our commercial 30KW solar system. Our solar panel systems are designed to suit a wide range of properties – from residential estates to large commercial sites across Australia. If you’re wondering “How much do solar panels cost for each system?” We’ve broken down each solar panel system that we provide, how much electricity it generates, and approximate costs in each state of Australia.


City Power Starting From
Sydney 11kWh $3,589
Melbourne 10kWh $4,567
Brisbane 12kWh $3,589
Adelaide 11kWh $3,589
Hobart 10kWh $4,567
Perth 13kWh $3,589



City Power Starting From
Sydney 18kWh $4,491
Melbourne 17kWh $5,691
Brisbane 20kWh $4,491
Adelaide 19kWh $4,491
Hobart 16kWh $5,691
Perth 21kWh $4,491



City Power Starting From
Sydney 24kWh $4,491
Melbourne 23kWh $5,691
Brisbane 27kWh $4,491
Adelaide 26kWh $4,491
Hobart 22kWh $5,691
Perth 28kWh  $4,491



City Power Starting From
Sydney 28kWh $4,999
Melbourne 26kWh $6,250
Brisbane 31kWh $4,999
Adelaide 30kWh $5,791**
Hobart 25kWh $7,099**
Perth 32kWh $5,791**



City Power Starting From
Sydney 32kWh $6,141
Melbourne 31kWh $7,675
Brisbane 36kWh $6,141
Adelaide 35kWh $6,795**
Hobart 30kWh $7,675**
Perth 38kWh $6,795**



City Power Starting From
Sydney 54kWh $10,299
Melbourne 52kWh $11,050
Brisbane 61kWh $10,299
Adelaide 59kWh $10,299
Hobart 50kWh $11,559
Perth 64kWh $10,299



City Power Starting From
Sydney 72kWh $12,999
Melbourne 69kWh $13,699
Brisbane 81kWh $12,999
Adelaide 78kWh $12,999
Hobart 66kWh $13,699
Perth 85kWh $12,999



City Power Starting From
Sydney 109kWh $16,999
Melbourne 104kWh $17,699
Brisbane 122kWh $16,999
Adelaide 118kWh $16,999
Hobart 100kWh $17,699
Perth 127kWh $16,999


Captain Green also provide a range of solar panel packages and deals, to suit a wide variety of properties across NSW and Australia. If you’re looking for a concise and clear answer on “how much do solar panels cost?”, choosing one of our solar panel packages means you have every aspect of your solar panel system covered. Alongside our flexible selection of packages, Captain Green can also work one-on-one with customers to design a customised solar system to meet the unique demands of any property.

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