Energy from the sun provides a consistent and steady supply of solar power throughout the year. As the world’s non-renewable resources are ever declining, it’s important for us to find renewable sources of energy like solar power.

The benefits of solar power include the easy implementation for both home and business use because it doesn’t require a major set up as does wind or geothermal power. Solar energy isn’t only a benefit to individual users, but it’s also a benefit to the environment as well. This makes solar energy one of the most widely used renewable energy sources available today.

Even though solar energy does have some disadvantages, it’s important to understand the pros and cons before installing solar panels on your home or business. The two major disadvantages to solar energy include the initial investment and the availability of sunlight during the day and at night.

However, there are several advantages that solar energy has to offer over traditional sources of energy like coal and oil. Some of these advantages include:


Solar energy is a non-polluting, clean, reliable and renewable source of energy. It doesn’t pollute the air by releasing harmful gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide or sulphur oxide. This greatly reduces the harm done to the environment compared to fossil fuels.

Renewable Source

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy because it can be used to produce electricity as long as the sun exists. The sun is available to everyone on the planet and Australia, especially,  receives more solar radiation per square meter than any other continent.

Low Maintenance

Solar cells are operational for a long time with very little maintenance required. More solar panels can be added over time when needed. Although the initial cost of the solar panels can be expensive, there are practically no recurring costs.

Easy installation

Solar panels are easy to install and don’t require any wires, cords or power sources. Unlike wind and geothermal power stations that require them to be attached to drilling machines, solar panels are freestanding and can be installed on rooftops which means they don’t take up extra space when installed on a home or business.

Used in remote locations

Solar energy is great for use in remote locations, where there is no access to power cables and in places where running power lines would be difficult. All solar panels require is sunlight and that is everywhere.

Long lasting

Solar panels are long lasting and require very little maintenance mainly because there are no moving parts.

Solar power technology is constantly improving as time goes on. Since the planet’s non-renewable energy sources are becoming more and more scarce it’s important to find renewable sources of energy and so far solar energy offers several benefits and very few disadvantages.