We are very pleased with the reduction in our Electricity accounts.

I have recommended Captain Green to our friends as the work was completed quickly and without and drama.

It was a good financial decision considering rising costs of power…

Can not say enough about this company was great dealing with them from start to finish. The job was done in half a day and the company cleaned up after they had finished.

We have been really pleased with our bills they half been cut by half and I would recommend this company 100%…

My experience with Capt green has been super. Quick , efficient, courteous, crew. No trouble, well mannered and professional. Smart meter instal. Excellent electrician. System doing more than expected. My electric bill. Reduced from. $600- 700 per Quarter to. $50. Super product. Very happy.


For me it was very good to be able to talk with the same person each time I called while working through this at times confusing Solar Power solution. Other companies I considered had a different person available each time I called. The crew that fitted the panels to our house were also very professional; I am hoping my impressions last many years supported by trouble free power generation. Your Company appears to be well organised, with so many companies to choose from my decision was influenced strongly.
Thank you and best wishes for your Company.



Hi, I have been very impressed with my solar panel installation so far. In just 6 months, I have made energy savings equivalent to 1/10th of my installation cost, which means that it will take me only 5 years to pay it off. This rate should improve greatly, as the first quarter was only partially covered because of the installation process. It took the energy provider half the time to install the special meter needed. Since then, things have certainly improved. For example, the last quarter bill was just $69.00 compared to a previous norm of $400.00. Admittedly, this was the full summer quarter when there were extended hours of sunlight, and light of greater intensity. However, this was partially offset by the use of a ducted air-conditioning system for cooling for some of this time.

I am looking forward to the winter quarter (aren’t we all!) because, in my climate, that is the quarter of greatest electricity cost because of the need for heating. Such a quarter has, in the past few years, cost me in the order of $1,000.00. I expect that this will be dramatically reduced if current trends continue. In fact, it is this cost that stirred me into action to install a Solar Panel System in the first place.

As for the service from Captain Green, all I can say is that it has been excellent – quick, friendly, and helpful! The only problems that I have had with my installation are relatively minor ones, such as minor local interruptions to the power supply (with storms, etc.) which turn the power supply, and hence the solar system, off. I make sure that I check each day to see whether it is on. It is very easy to turn on, if off, just one switch! The other problem is that I don’t seem to be able to get the Zevarsolar Computer Program to work effectively – it recognises me and my computer but there is a minor glitch somewhere which I can’t find that prevents me from determining how much energy is being supplied via Wi-Fi connection. Anyhow, it is possible to manually obtain that information (by pushing a button) on the Invertor.

I would strongly recommend the system, and the Captain Green people, at any time. Many of my friends have already been given this advice.



Really happy with my system. I opted for a custom system of 3.2kw with the 5kw dual inverter. I have checked the meters and am happy to say that during the end of autumn I have halved my usage, cant wait for summer to see the savings. Why did I choose Captain Green Solar? I got high quality German Solar products…at a great price, my system was fitted in just 10 days not 2 months, and got the best advice and service.

I have already recommended Captain Green Solar to my neighbour and would do so to anyone wanting the best price, advice and service for a solar system.


We had been thinking about installing a solar array to help reduce our huge electricity bill each quarter. Our consumption is 750KWH per day which equates to an $8000.00 bill.

A Captain Green brochure was dropped into our letter box and we made contact.

They were very prompt with their response and had a proposal for us in a week. We had many questions to ask and the answers were always positive and made a lot of sense.

We didn’t speak to any other solar company as these guys knew what we wanted and offered a logical solution for our search to save money.

I went through the figures and decided to go ahead and invest in this project, a 30KW installation.

Captain Green surveyed the aspect of our roof and came up with a configuration that was designed to be as efficient as possible.

The installation has been operating for over a month now and the output is what we expected.

This industry is very new and I would recommend all interested parties speak to Captain Green as the answer to your increasing power costs, I am sure you will be satisfied.

Chris M
Managing Director
GHM Laser

Thank you Captain Green for my new solar installation.

The sales staff were very professional, following up the same day and issuing me a quotation, within minutes of determining my requirements for a new solar system. The same professionalism flowed through to their installation team who arrived to do the job within a few days of me ordering the system. They performed the installation in about three hours, the cabling was very neat and it caused minimal disruption to my home. The roof location they selected for installation of the solar panels allowed them to be hidden from view from any point on my property. It is rare to find such a team of trades people who turn up on time, are courteous and leave no mess.

Once again thank you Captain Green for providing me with a complete Solar Solution.

This is the best thing I have ever bought, my daily usage up to December was .92 cents a day. Normally this would have been at least $4 a day based on same time 2016. I should have done this a lot earlier and saved money plus not polluting as much

Stan S a happy captain green customer…

Stan S
We would like to thank you for excellence of service on the installation of our solar system.  From the first point of contact with Robert, the speedy quote and information emailed to us as well as the speedy installation date to the very hard working men who installed the system, we were impressed with your professionalism and helpfulness. The installers were polite, professional, very hardworking and cleaned up everything when they had finished which is most impressive.  As well, our telephone queries were answered in a most courteous and helpful way which made the transition to solar a pleasant experience.  We will be recommending your company to anyone considering going solar.

Also thank you for mailing the Ipad mini which we have received.



To anyone that wants a solar panel system to their home, I had one out in a few months ago from the guys from CAPTAIN GREEN. I’m really happy with the product that they gave me and the service, and now I’m saving a lot of money, thanks to CAPTAIN GREEN and there associates.
I will recommend CAPTAIN GREEN to anyone.

Kind regards..


This a Quick Thank you for your Speedy Installation of our 10KW Solar System your Company recently install at our premises at Belmont North NSW.
Your Team from Start to Finish, did a excellent Job in Making this Happen in such a Short Time. Very Professional, The Installation Guys, turned up on time, were very easy to get along with and worked fast in what was a hot 30 degrees during their time on the job. The Final Hook up to the Grid was Completed Last week by David, your Appointed Electrician. Again very professional nothing was too much trouble. We would certainly recommend your Company Captain Green P/L to anyone thinking of installing a Quality Solar System.

Have a Great Day…

I was absolutely impressed with the crew that were sent out on my job. They answered every question that I asked very genuinely and if I didn’t ask they told me all I need to know. Very pleased. We did refer our neighbour onto you and he also had the solar installed at the same time we did…

J and I would like to let you know how pleased we were with your installers…They were professional in every way from the minute they arrived until they left. Everything was explained to us and we were very impressed with how they cleaned up after the job was completed.I will be recommending your company to any friends who are thinking of putting solar on.


I bought a 6kw system with SMA inverter. Saad in sales was great he listened to my requirements and created a solution i was happy with unlike other companies who wanted me to accept their package as is. Installers were great and had fantastic attention to detail in the finish. They even took time to explain to me how the system work and how to use it…


The service was excellent and price off power is down so far, couldn’t be happier…


Captain Green done a fantastic job with installation and teaching us how to use it and read it and talk me how to look after the panels and not to let them get dirty, which is important to be able to get the best out of the panels, I have recommended 3 people who have also received them.. Thanks



Good Sales, Good Response to Enquiries, Outstanding Installers, Quality Components, They did everything paperwork wise unlike others and above all outstanding value – quarter the price per kilowatt of my 1st system…


Fab team installed ours, no probs, saving about $155 dollars on each bill we think, big thanks to your staff….


My experience with Captain Green has been very positive.

From the onset their customer service has been great. Communication and honesty from Captain Green has been second to none.

We invested in solar panels for our home and researched extensively before deciding to go with C.G..

The installation was handled by their team in a very professional and efficient manner.

It’s been nine months since the installation and we have found our power bills drop by an average of 90%.

Thanks C.G…


With my 3kw and the new 1.5kw systems I have generated a total of 5264 Kw and 1783kw have gone back into the system
A saving of 3837kw in fifteen months
I have never expected the systems to give me the savings as salesman claim as they are calculated from perfect conditions and they rarely can be found
Thanks for your great help when I was selecting my system upgrade

Great to have someone who knows their product
A special thanks to your installation team as they gave me great advice to position my panels – with placing them on the eastern roof means I get the best from the early morning sunlight

For interest my summer daytime useage dropped from an average of 27kw per day to 13kw per day- the saving has been running the pool filter and the solar pool heating pump which runs a lot of hours to maintain pool temperature in our highland climate…


I am more than happy with my solar system installed by Captain Green.  We have halved our electricity bill since installing.  We are still careful how we use our electricity.  Our heat pump hot water is only turned on during the day so we can use the solar energy.  Unnecessary appliances that do not need to be turned on during the night are turned off and the power point.  We also have reverse cycle air conditioning and have it on when needed without concern that the bill will be too high…


I would like to commend you and your team on a great solar installation on my residential home.  What is clearly the most competitive price on the market for a 5 kW solar installation, Captain Green has also backed up the price with prompt and fantastic service.

From reviewing the advertisement, receiving the quote to the actual installation, the process was seamless, professional and only took 3 weeks. I am now in a great position to capitalise on the late spring and summer solar rays and am looking forward to a reduced electricity bill…

R Mussig

I just want to thank you again for the great professionalism you have shown at all times in my dealings with Captain Green. I had previously obtained quotes from 5 other Companies, two of which actually sent representatives around to my home for lengthy sales presentations, so I already had quite an awareness of the issues involved. However, the other quotes were too high, and YOU instilled in me a greater level of confidence, making the decision to go ahead so much easier. The installation has now been carried out earlier than I’d expected, and the Installer was absolutely fantastic. David & his team arrived here before 8am this morning, and worked very hard all day in uncomfortably hot conditions before finishing and leaving about 3.30pm. They were really nice guys, and appear to have done a perfect installation job, so we’re very, very happy. Furthermore, David has also already today completed the Net Metering…with the system generating up to around 4.5kW, so there’s nothing more to be done!
In summary, my wife Marianne & I are delighted with our decision to choose Captain Green for this new Solar installation, and we’re happy for you to use us as Testamonials if you’re dealing with other potential customers… Meanwhile, thanks again for being so good at your job, and for making it all possible…

H King

Thanks Captain Green

Your crew did a great job. The boys were on-time, courteous, and very helpful. They showed me how the new system works and all is well.

I have recommended you to a colleague in search of solar panels.

All the best…

To the Captain Green Team…

Thank you for your recent installation of our Solar System at our home.

From the moment of contacting your company the service was efficient and professional.
The speed and clarity of your quote, the time frame given for the installation, the phone
call giving us a definite installation date, was a lesson for all companies to follow.

The courtesy and competency of the Solar System and electricity meter installers
complimented the streamlining of the overall installation.

We therefore have no hesitation in recommending your company for Solar System

Yours sincerely…


Just received my first full quarterly billing since installing your panels and it was so pleasing to see 60% reduction in my total bill compared to the same period in 2013 and 2014

Many thanks Captain keep up the good work…


Very efficient, all went really well, good installation and advice, clean and over all very well done.


Once again thank you for today’s purchase of your Companies Solar Package, I really appreciate the help in which you explained all the details of my new purchase, in fact I was so impressed I scrapped all the other ‘potential’ suppliers and closed the deal with you after just the one phone call…


Just letting you know that the Zever Solar Evershine 5kW Inverter and the 18 x Trina Solar 250W Honey Solar
Panel installation you organised and installed for me 9 months ago are working superbly.

Thank you very much Robert for both the excellent customer service and the spirit of co-operation and goodwill you extended to me…