Proudly Australian Since 2010

Captain Green Solar is PROUD of being one of Australia’s longest serving solar business, established and trusted since 2010

We are a Top 10 Volume Solar Retailer for 2019 and have installed over 240,000 panels across Australia in the past 10 Years.

We are the ‘Veterans’ of the Solar Industry, being one of the first companies to initiate the solar power movement, during the ‘Early Adoption’ phase.

We have proudly served Australian Homeowners and Businesses for over a decade and have developed a strong presence in the industry.

Where it all began…

Captain Green Solar’s story began just over a decade ago in 2010, as a small establishment with a big dream.

The name, ‘Captain Green’ was chosen to reflect the notion of a leader or captain in the field of energy efficiency with the ability to assist home and business owners in the aspect of being green, saving the environment and reducing their energy cost.

The Solar Movement…

Thanks to the introduction of government incentives, the demand for solar power sky-rocketed as many Australian were turning towards installing solar panels on their homes and businesses to offset increasing energy prices.
These incentives coupled with the advancements in our business made Captain Green the core of the movement, helping to shape Australia’s clean energy future for years to come

Rapid Growth…

As the ‘solar movement’ started to gain momentum, we knew that we had to accelerate the shift quickly, and we wanted to build a solution that was to become a game changer for many Australian households and businesses. We focused on 3 main principles:

  1. That our products are of High Quality and made to last for years to come
  2. That our processes are easy and streamlined
  3. That our prices are competitive and affordable

We combined all the experiences of our team at the time to build a business that will serve many Australian’s for years to come

A Bumpy ride…

As time went by, the solar industry went through many political and environmental changes. We rode many ‘waves’ and ‘solar-coasters’. We’ve seen solar businesses come and go. We’ve seen the industry go through massive booms. We’ve also seen busts. We took lessons from the mistakes of our past competitors who unfortunately are no longer in business today. All of this helped shaped Captain Green to become a robust Solar Business. For this reason, we remain as one of the very few solar businesses that are still around since a decade ago.

The Move Towards Perfection…

As we evolved, we developed many strong relationships with Manufacturers, Suppliers, Partners, and Staff. This put us in a unique position from other solar businesses and our customers were confident that they would be presented with the latest and highest quality product and solution from Captain Green for all their energy needs.

We have installed all type of solar solutions including uniquely designed solar systems, ground mounted solar systems, ballast weight solar systems, optimised solar systems and battery storage solar systems. We have also come a long way in our commercial solar division in which we have completed multiple solar projects as large as 100KWs.

Where we are today…

Today, we have become Australia’s Top 10 Solar Retailer for 2019, and have installed over 240,000 panels across Australia in the past 10 Years.

As a testament to our consistent excellence, Captain Green Solar has been endorsed as an Approved Solar Retailer of the Clean Energy Council (CEC) of Australia, which we have maintained by showing our commitment to responsible sales and marketing activities and solar industry best practice.

We are proud of our 10 year history and our brand is the result of many Australians’ that have chosen and continue to choose Captain Green as the ‘brand of choice’ for their energy solutions.

Make NOW the perfect time to start your solar journey.

What Our Recent Customers Have to Say!

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