Our $0 Upfront Payment

    Going Solar can be an expensive venture with a significant capital outlay.  At Captain Green we want you to be able to full advantage of the suns power and make the Sun work for you; without you having to immedeiately part with you hard earned cash. We can do this thanks to our partnership with Brighte and the Brighte 0% Interest Payment Plan

    How does the $0 Upfront Payment work ?

    To decide if this is the right system size for you; we firstly need to find out what your average daily consumption of electricity is. This information is readily available on your latest quarterly power bill.  If your average daily consumption falls between 22 to 28kWh (see below 6.6KW SYSTEM OUTPUT IN MAJOR CITIES Table); the 6.6kW system would be a good fit. As in the 6.6kW Solar system would on average generate a similar amount of energy respective to what you are using daily. To ensure you are able to maximise the return from the Solar system it is recommended that you audit your current electricity usage habits. Once you have identified activities that consume a significant amount of power (such as washing machine, dishwasher, dryer etc) action a plan that will ensure these appliances and activities are only being conducted when the sun is out. (Note: try not to have heavy appliances all running at the same time; spread out the timing to ensure the Solar system is able to meet your power needs)


    City Power
    Sydney 24kWh
    Melbourne 23kWh
    Brisbane 27kWh
    Adelaide 26kWh
    Hobart 22kWh
    Perth 28kWh


    Our 6.6kW systems vary in price depending on which Package you choose to go for. The packages range from our SaverPack (budget friendly) all the way to the PlatinumPack (which is the best in class). For your reference we have listed below the starting from price on our 6.6kW SaverPack.

    *The price displayed for Melbourne is after including the Solar Victoria Rebate of $1850 for more information please visit


    City Starting From
    Sydney $3,491
    Melbourne $2,541*
    Brisbane $3,491
    Adelaide $3,491
    Hobart $4,491
    Perth $3,491


    In terms of real savings from having a 6.6kW Solar system on the roof; the results wholly depend on how efficiently you use the solar power being generated and what sort of Feed in Tariff (export of excess unused Solar back to the power grid) agreement you have in place with your Electricity Retailer. Our team will always provide you with an estimated Site Specific Solar Performance estimate at the Offer stage; the estimate will clearly state your estimated annual savings. If you are after a rough estimate you can always use our Solar savings calculator

    To ensure you are getting the best deal from your Electricity retailer, we recommend visiting;  this website is a Federal initiative where you can compare the best options from all available retailers. 


    All existing PV Systems can now have Battery Storage Systems installed, thanks to the introduction of AC Coupling. This allows you to hook a battery upto any property as it connects straight to the main power supply. If you were looking to add our Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery Storage Option to the 6.6kW Solar system package; this would allow you to use the power of the Sun in the day and night. But do keep in mind that Battery backup options are fairly expensive and tend to significantly increase your back period. As such before you decide to make the plunge speak to us and we will be more than happy to advise if this is would be the right option for you.


    Now that you have done all the digging and research and have you heart set on the 6.6kW System, what next? Its simple really, just click on the Free Quote button below, fill in your details and you will hear back from one of our Sales consultants as soon as possible. Once you are on the phone with them they will provide you the required knowledge and assistance to make your Solar journey seamless.  As soon as you give us the go ahead on the system we will spring into action and have your system on the roof within 4 to 12 weeks. So what are you waiting for? Lets get you on the path to start saving…


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